İngilizce’de En Çok Kullanılan Filler-2

İngilizce , İngilizce öğreniyorum, İngilizce fiiller ,İngilizce ‘de en çok kullanılan fiiller F ‘den N’ye

finish : bitirmek /bitmek Do you finish your work late ?

fit : (fit-fit) uydurmak I can not fit the screw in the hole.

fix : tespit etmek We must fix an appointment for Sunday.

fly : (flew-flown) uçmak Turkish Airlines fly to America every day.

forget : (forgot-forgotten) unutmak I often forget names of my clients.

give : (gave-given) vermek My father gives me money every wek.

go : (went-gone) gitmek My friend and I go to the cinema every Sunday.

have : (had-had) sahip olmak I have many friends at school.

hear : (heard-heard) duymak We can hear the music because it’s loud.

hurt : (hurt-hurt) incitmek You hurt me with these bad words.

know : (knew-known) bilmek I know that the world is small.

learn : öğrenmek We must learn all our lives.

leave : (left-left) Terketmek/ayrılm. I leave home at 8 every morning.

listen : dinlemek We must listen to wise people.

live : yaşamak We can’t live a comfortable life without money.

look : bakmak The young girl looks at the sky to see the stars.

lose : (lost-lost) kaybetmek You should not lose time and learn English.

make/do : (made- did-done) yapmak I do good things. My wife makes me coffee.

need : Ihtiyaç hissetmek I need much money to start this business.

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